Battle wildfires in Europe

Portugal, Greece, France and Spain grapple with intensifying wildfires, posing grave threats to the landscape’s natural beauty and local populations as well as tourism. Solidarity and assistance are paramount in this trying time. France grapples with intensifying wildfires, posing grave threats to its natural beauty and local populations. Solidarity and assistance are paramount in this trying time.


To contribute, consider directing your support to Liga dos Bombeiros Portugueses (Portuguese Firefighters League) at, a respected organization at the forefront of wildfire response.

Your generosity can help equip firefighters, provide relief to those displaced, and aid in the restoration of devastated landscapes. Together, we can stand with Portugal in this challenging time, offering both financial assistance and moral support to combat these destructive infernos.


Consider contributing to WWF Spain’s wildfire relief efforts at to aid in firefighting endeavors, habitat restoration, and support for affected residents.

With your assistance, WWF Spain strives to mitigate the environmental and human toll of these fires. Join forces with them to safeguard Spain’s natural beauty, biodiversity, and the well-being of its people. Your donation can make a significant impact in the battle against these devastating blazes.


Extend your support by contributing to the Hellenic Red Cross at to bolster firefighting endeavors, provide relief to affected communities, and aid in the recovery of the ravaged environment. The Hellenic Red Cross stands as a beacon of hope, tirelessly working to alleviate the impact of these wildfires.

Your donation can make a substantial difference in Greece’s battle against these catastrophic blazes, offering solace to those in distress and aiding in restoration efforts.


Consider lending support to the French Red Cross’s wildfire relief initiatives at, aimed at enhancing firefighting operations, aiding affected communities, and aiding ecosystem recovery. The French Red Cross tirelessly works to alleviate the impact of these infernos, standing as a pillar of resilience.

Your contribution can significantly aid France’s fight against these devastating fires, offering comfort to those affected and aiding in the restoration of cherished landscapes.

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