One has to do good in order for it to exist in the world.

✍︎ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Every minute of every day you can make a difference. By your actions, you influence the future we live in. In our modern times, by the means of travel and technology, you can make a difference in various ways and various surroundings, even on the other end of the world. This website is supposed to help you channel your wish to help into action. And if you want to do good, do not think twice, do it now. The good you can do today, do. The good you can do tomorrow you will find tomorrow. Click here to check out our list of charities.


When we know about something, we can address it. In this section teachers and students find educational material on the needs of the world and how to make a difference. Check out our provided links to videos, e-learning platforms and child-friendly websites.