Want to know more about World Charity Day? We answered the 4 most common questions:

Why was this date chosen for the International Day of Charity?

Mother Teresa – Do good today on World Charity Day

Originally, World Charity Day was brought into existence after the passing-away of a very special person. marks the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to the poor and vulnerable. Mother Teresa was born in 1910. She was an Albanian-Indian nun and missionary of the Roman-Catholic Church. Her service was wholehearted and free.

How did the International Day of Charity become an internationally celebrated holiday?

It originated in Hungary and is now celebrated globally. In 2012, as a response to a Hungarian proposal, the United Nations declared this day a national holiday to provide a platform for charitable actions to take place. The general Assembly invited not only member states, of whom 44 had already supported the proposal, but also NGOs, organizations and the civil public to participate in and encourage charitable work. They were asked to further the engagement through education and public awareness.

What or who is celebrated the International Day of Charity?

On this day we celebrate those who make a difference. A difference in the world by helping others in need, whether as individuals or organizational bodies. We become conscious of the role charity plays in our societies. Think about the struggles we witnessed people face in our modern world. Think of solutions. Get in contact with those who know how to help. Give. Build networks. Just once more keep our eyes open for situations in which people are in need. Situations in which we are the ones who are needed for what we can give.

When and where was the International Day of Charitycelebrated for the first time?

On September 5th in 2013 the International Day of Charity (World Charity Day) was celebrated in New York (United States). The charitable celebration was dedicated to the children of Syria.

Still want to know more about World Charity Day? Read what the United Nations have to say about it.

Want to do good like Mother Teresa? Then you have 3 options:

  1. Start your own charity project that is close to your heart and always give what you can
  2. Join a charity and become active
  3. Donate today