I am a true fan of this charity since I watched the award-winning documentary SKID ROW MARATHON. Skid row is a neighbourhood in Los Angeles that has “the largest stable population of homeless people in the US“ (up to 15.000!). The term “on the skids” describes a person in a state of hopelessness (no money, nothing to gather). The film creates awareness that this state of living does not define the person, but is only the outcome of a number of factors such as social support, personal life choices and a failing social-,criminal- and rehabilitation- system. With respect and support for the individual and actual belief in the individual, lives can change. This is the work of SKID ROW RUNNING CLUB which empowers change through a unique concept: running marathons!

Learn more about and support Skid Row Running Club.
Read the runner’s stories.

Picture by Mark & Gabriele Hayes

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