Save the German „Rainforest“! 

Support this initiative of Peter Wohlleben. You can help preserve forests with trees aged 190-300 years of age (oaks, beeches, hornbeams) for 50 years. For only 4,75 € you can lease 1m² forest (aged 190 to 300 years). An area with younger trees (120 years) is offered for lease from as little as 3.65€.

Why is this project important? These types of forests store CO2, produce oxygen, provide shade, provide animals with important resources and are relatively resistant to storms. We must preserve them!

You will receive a certificate with the marking of the parcel in which your proportionately leased area is located. Your contribution relieves the forest owners, who can thus replace the originally planned income from the timber harvest. This is a model project.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were more such designated areas in Germany? The lease is possible from 2m². For a lease the size of 75 m² and up you get a guided tour through the forest area for two people free of charge. We lately sold some household things we did not need anymore and used the money to lease a little part of this forest. It is a wonderful gift for a person you love.

Save the forests now!

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